Monday, April 24, 2017

Party in the UK (April 24th 2017)

Hello, everyone! I hope you have all had a great week! So last week I sent that really short email because we didn’t have a ton of time to email last week, and I just found out on Wednesday that it didn’t actually send because my Wi-Fi signal wasn’t strong enough, so when I turned it back on for something it sent then! Whoops!! Oh well, it eventually sent and that’s all that matters :)

Well, it’s been another week in paradise here in Lancaster! Rain, freezing cold wind, and no one wants to listen to us. But I'm honestly so happy! I wouldn't have it any other way because I know that it is through our trials and our challenges that we are strengthened the most!! "Nevertheless, I know in whom I have trusted. My God hath been my support" (2 Nephi 4: 19, 20). I can promise you that no matter what you are going through, no matter how big or small it may seem, that we have a loving Heavenly Father who is there to support us through it all! Trust in Him!!! 
Not a lot is happening in Lancaster at the moment, but we are working our tails off! 

On Saturday we had a street display in the town center and right as we were getting ready to pack up and leave, some lovely gentlemen from another religion which shall not be named came over and started bashing us. We see them pretty often and they are just so rude and ruthless. Our mission president just tells us to treat them with love and not to engage in arguments with them, but they just don’t know how to stop!! It’s okay though, it builds character!! 

Oh yeah, not that it’s a big deal or anything but Saturday was also my 2-month mark on the mission! Crazy! I seriously feel like I've been here for like a week and already two months have zipped past! And someone reminded me yesterday that mother’s day is in 3 weeks so I'll be skyping home! What the flip!? Like time just needs to take a chill pill, seriously! I'm having too great of time, I don't want it to end!

That's about it folks... today for p-day we are going with a super nice elderly couple, the Collins, in our ward to go to this scarecrow festival that is supposed to be pretty neat so be on the lookout next week for pics! Have a great week!!! Love you all!


Sister Washburn

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's an Easter Miracle!!! (April 17th 2017)

Hello everyone! I don't really have any time this week to write a proper email. We have so much going on today! We got transfer calls last night and sister Menlove and I are both staying, so we are both really excited!! Easter miracle for sure ;) 

Today is a bank holiday here in England so the temple is open, so we got to come today! We are currently waiting to catch a train back to Lancaster to get back to do our shopping and stuff. Since it's transfers we are required to clean for two hours (kill me). Just kidding!!!!! I love cleaning and even though our flat is pretty much kept spotless it will be a great time to maybe reorganize my things... I don't know I'll figure it out! 

Easter was so great yesterday and I hope you all took a moment to reflect why we celebrate it! The Easter bunny and chocolate and egg hunts are all great things, but they always overshadow the actual reason for celebrating. 

I'm grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and all that he has done for me! I love being a missionary and getting to wear his name on my chest! Have a great week everyone and I will try and send a better email next week when I have a little more time!! Love you lots!!! Cheerio!

Sister Kaelyn Washburn

Sister Menlove on the train to Preston to the temple.

Pictures from the train (Lancaster to Preston).

Preston Temple

Sister Menlove and I at the Preston temple

Monday, April 10, 2017

This sister is a real missionary!!! (April 10th 2017)

Hello everyone! It was actually a pretty rubbish week here in Lancaster. P-day last week was really good we did some shopping and hung out with the elders and played sports which are always super fun. Tuesday I went on my very first exchange so Sister Menlove and I traveled down to South Ribble and went with Sister Fernandez and Carle. It was really great and I learned so much from them and they're just the sweetest! We had to come back early on Wednesday though because our zone had interviews with President Ulrich. That was sooooo good, just being able to sit down with him and chat about things that are happening (or not happening in our case ha-ha). He's incredible! 

Super funny and very embarrassing story from this week that I'm reluctant to share but why not! There is a thing here in the EMM that if you pee your pants while out tracting, you're a real missionary. Well, folks.....sister Washburn is a real missionary! Yay! We were getting ready to stop by a less-actives home to say hi and stuff and we were laughing so hard about something and I had to pee really bad and it just happened. Thankfully it was at the very end of our night so we could just go home! Oh well! Gives me something to laugh at!

The rest of the week was pretty boring... we did a few street displays in town and those are always a lot of fun! Just being out and talking to people is really nice and refreshing rather than going door to door and having everyone yell at you and slam the door in your face. Gotta love missionary work!!!! If you're reading this email today, if you're a member of the church or not, just always be kind to the missionaries if you see them. It seriously means the world to me when I come across decent people who respect me as a person. Even if they're not interested in hearing a message about the gospel, just being shown kindness is enough for me! 

The good weather didn't last here in England... surprise, surprise! It’s cold, rainy, and windy today and it's supposed to just get worse throughout the week! Yay!!!!!! This AZ girl is freezing cold! Hot chocolate helps though hahaha and we have a fireplace in our flat that we like to turn on whenever we're home! Pray for me and that I stay warm and dry ha-ha!

Transfer calls come on Sunday so I'll know if I'm staying with Sister Menlove (praying I do!!) so I will definitely let you know what happens next week! Love you all and hope you have a great week. Sorry that my life in Lancaster isn't super exciting. But I can say that even though the work is hard, it's all worth it. The gospel has blessed my life in so many ways and I know that it's true! This Sunday is Easter and I encourage all of you to think of how Jesus Christ has affected your life. And if you aren't sure, take a look at the church's video this year that’s on! It's amazing! I know my Savior lives and that He loves each and every one of us!!!! And know that I love you all ❤


Sister Washburn

Monday, April 3, 2017

April fools and shedding tears (April 3rd 2017)

Well, folks, it's been a pleasant week here in Lancaster. The weather is getting better and better each day. Most days I can go without my coat and I haven't worn leggings in a long time! My poor legs though are so white it's nasty, but it is what it is! 

Nothing super exciting this week... Saturday for April fools we got a text in the morning during our personal study from our zone leaders saying that we couldn't attend the sessions of General Conference at the church building unless we had an investigator with us. They made it seem like it was from the AP’s (assistants to the president) so I was so sad because I have been looking forward to conference for such a long time and they said we couldn't go. I literally shed tears (completely forgetting it was April 1st)! It was hilarious!! Then they sent out another text saying April fools and I was dying. Don't take conference for granted! 

It's so hard to pick a favorite talk because they were all so amazing. President Thomas s Monson gave an amazing testimony of the importance of the book of Mormon and gaining your own testimony and I could not agree more! We were able to watch the morning sessions live, but everything else we had to watch delayed since we're 7 hours ahead. So while you were all waking up and having a great morning, lounging around and eating breakfast and watching conference, I was just finishing my tea (dinner) and watching conference. It was kind of weird to think about... time change is whack. 

Last night I got super sick and was toppled over in pain when we got back to our flat at night and so the elders came over and gave me a blessing and it was amazing. The power of the priesthood is real and I'm so thankful for that because I don't trust hospitals here in the UK hahaha. I'm kidding, but at the same time not really. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy life! I love getting emails so keep me updated on your lives!!!! I love you all and I feel your love and support each and every day! 


Sister Kaelyn Washburn
Johnson Family from Utah on vacation in Lancaster England took this picture of Sister Washburn and Menlove and sent this to us. It is great getting these pictures as parents.