Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pray for me... I start driving on Friday (July 24th 2017)

Wow, what a week of miracles on our little island! One of them is actually kind of a funny story. So Sister Wamsley and I were walking on the prom (the boardwalk) trying to talk to people and this man was walking past us and we tried to stop him but as soon as he saw we were missionaries he said he was busy and literally ran away from us. So weird but we just kept walking and then this man standing off to the side yells over to us and wanted to know why that man was running. So we went over and talked to him and his name is Jerry and now Jerry is meeting with us and is really interested in what we have to share with him! 

Another miracle that we saw this week was on Friday we got a random text from this woman that the sisters have been teaching that she wanted us to go over that night to see her. But apparently she has been super stubborn and refused to keep any kind of commitments, but when we showed up she starts telling us that she wants to be baptized! Her name is Vino and she is the cutest and funniest woman ever and I am so excited for her!! We are just working on setting a specific date for her but she is so good! And then today at church one of the young women in the ward brought a friend to church and she came up to us and asked if we could teach her (she's like 12) because her parents aren't really religious but she wants to start coming to church. She is so sweet and Sister Wamsley and I can't wait to go teach her and stuff! Miracles everywhere!!

On Saturday I hit my 5-month mark in the mission!!!! Holla! And it was so cute because I actually completely forgot about it but we went running in the morning and got home and did our planning and then I went to take a shower and when I got out, Sister Wamsley had made this super cute sign for me and she made me pancakes for breakfast! Best. Companion. Ever! She is so cute I love her! 

So this week I came across a poem that I really loved and thought I would share with all of you! 

The Road is Rough ~ Leona B. Gates

"The road is rough, I said. 

Dear Lord, there are stones that hurt me so,

And He said, dear child, I understand,

I walked it long ago,

But there's a cold green path, I said,

Let me walk there for a time. 

No child, He gently answered me, 

That green road does not climb. 

My burden, I said, is far too great;

How can I bear it so?

My child, He said, I remember its weight. 

I carried my cross, you know. 

I wish I had friends with me,

Who would make my way their own. 

Ah, yes... He said, Gethsemane

Was hard to face alone. 

And so I walked the stony path,

Content at last to know,

That where my Master hath not gone,

I would not have to go. 

Strangely then I did find friends,

My burdens grew less sore. 

For I remembered long ago,

He walked the way before."

I love my Saviour Jesus Christ and I am so grateful for this time and opportunity I have to represent Him and share the message of His gospel and His love for 18 months!! There is nothing else I would rather be doing!

Today for p-day we went put to Peel and walked around the castle there and got some nice pictures! This place is SO PRETTY I can't believe it sometimes. Pictures don't even do it justice... Thank you all so much for your emails! They seriously mean the world to me! Love you all and I hope you have a fab week 😙 Ta!

Sister Washburn 

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