Monday, July 31, 2017

Vino!!!!! (July 31st 2017)

Hello hello hello!!! It has been such a wonderful week here in the Isle of Man! Like I mentioned last week, I STARTED DRIVING ON FRIDAY!! Yay!!! It has been a lot of fun, and so far no accidents!! 

So this week Sister Wamsley and I were super busy! We have been teaching Vino a lot!! She called us in the middle of the week and told us that she wanted to be baptized on the 19th of August!!!!! That will be a very special day for many reasons (happy early anniversary mom & dad❤) and we can't wait! She is the funniest lady ever I love her so much! And then this week we also got to teach that girl Sophie who came to church last week with her friend! She is the sweetest girl ever and just adores us (I mean who couldn't? Hahaha kidding). We taught her the Plan of Salvation at the members home Saturday night and she came to church again on Sunday and asked us some more questions and said she had been reading the Book of Mormon! She's incredible! 

Tuesday evening we were at a member's home for a tea appointment and they have twin boys that are 10 years old and we did a lesson on missionary work and we had made them some missionary name tag to wear. Well, we had finished the lesson, and one of the boys named Mika was sitting at the table and said: "Missionary work will always be apart of me!". And sister Wamsley and I were thinking that is the cutest thing ever!! Then he goes to eat the name tag!!! We were laughing our heads off!! Not so cute anymore😂😂 

Thursday we had a zone conference that we got to Skype into! It was really good! With having a new mission President it has been really good because slowly we are starting to see some changes! It was really weird to be there at the meeting, but not really... The whole conference was really good! The McReynolds are amazing and I love them so much!!! They talked a lot about how we can set all the goals we want in life and in missionary work, but they mean nothing until we create a plan to achieve them! 

This week on Wednesday we are leaving the Isle of Man and sailing back over to England for a few days!! I'm so excited! We get to see Elder Russell M Ballard speak to our mission on Thursday afternoon and then that night we get to go to the British Pageant! I can't wait to tell you all about it next week!!! 

Thank you all for your endless love and support! If you're ever bored, drop me an email! I love emails ;) Have a great week!!!! Ta!

Sister Washburn 

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