Monday, August 7, 2017

Y'all are ace! (August 7th 2017)

Hello hello! So this week FLEW by!! It was so incredible! 

On Wednesday afternoon we got on the boat and went over to England and arrived in Liverpool at about 6. We were told by a few members and others to go to this Mexican food place called Wahacca in Liverpool that is supposed to be really good. So we went and it was delicious... I miss proper Mexican food, but everyone forgot to mention how expensive it was!! So we just bought one little thing and shared it, which was totally good with me! Definitely worth it for sure! 

Thursday, we got ready and got to the train station and traveled up to Chorley and we got to participate in a mission conference with Elder Ballard and other members of the Seventy and other church leaders. It was so incredible! We all got to shake their hands, which was so amazing!! Best 30 seconds of my life hahaha! Then we started the meeting with singing hymn 264 Hark! All Ye Nations and it was so loud and powerful! The spirit was so strong in that meeting listening to those men and women address us. Then that night we got to go to the British Pageant! It was soooooo good!!! I was in tears watching it because my heart is just so full of love for this country and for the people here. America is great...but England is so special! Thursday was a really late night with the pageant and everything and so we didn't get to bed u til like 2 am and then up at 6 the next morning. I was so exhausted!! On Friday when we got back on a train to Liverpool to catch the boat home, I was so tired and I passed out on the train and Sister Wamsley had to wake me up when we got there! The boat ride back was long and rocky. no Bueno! I got kind of sea sick, and we finally got home around 10:30 so I just went straight to bed and slept it off!

I have some really sad news... Vino text us while we were away and said that she doesn't want to be baptized anymore and has no interest in meeting with us. I wanted to cry!!!!! But all is well because she knows that we love her and we can't take away her agency. Maybe in the future, we can try again! But on a brighter note... Sophie (the 12-year-old friend of a young woman in our ward) has been reading the Book of Mormon!!! And she LOVES coming to church and youth activities throughout the week! Everything she sees us she rushes us and gives us big hugs. We went over the other day and met her parents and they were really nice and very open to having us teach Sophie! 

Today for P-day we went to Laxey and visited this Laxey Wheel which I guess is the biggest water wheel in the world or something like that... I don't know! It was neat and we got some good pics so that's all that matters! 

I love you all so much! Thanks for everything! You all are ace! Have a great week!

Sister Washburn

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